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  • Companies want to exist more sustainably and impactfully but don’t always know where to start
  • Finding ethically-sourced products with a transparent supply chain is difficult and time-consuming
  • Accessibility, equity, and sustainability are too often afterthoughts in doing business, if they are considered at all
  • Individuals formerly involved in the justice system struggle to get meaningful, well-paying work
  • Access to living wage jobs in rural areas is limited
  • Tourism-based economies can be seasonal
  • Commercial lease terms aren’t friendly to early-stage founders and small business owners
  • Inventory for local retail space is limited
  • Generational wealth is especially difficult to build for historically excluded individuals
  • People are experiencing nature deficiencies and an increasing sense of loneliness
  • Local businesses occasionally need to shorten their hours and close for business on certain days due to workforce challenges
  • While new residential listings often go under contract in days, other formerly commercial buildings in the town are currently unoccupied and sit vacant for months at a time
  • Economic growth is limited when attainable housing is limited


hypothesis iconHypotheses

  • Impact founders and business owners want to collaborate with other impact-minded people for sourcing products, services, partnerships and inspiration
  • Creating a place for early to late-stage impact companies and organizations to co-locate will amplify everyone’s change-making abilities
  • Advancement of positive social impact will occur more rapidly by bringing together companies at various stages
  • A campus like this will show others what’s possible in a way that they want to replicate it
  • This will become an oft-cited case study in business model white papers of the future
  • Once the first few partners and pods are on board and operating, this will snowball into a waiting list and we will quickly outgrow our space
  • Like Hearts Lab will serve as a destination for socially-conscious consumers and will attract visitors and businesses first from around the state, then the country, and finally internationally

value iconValue Propositions





    • Everyone
      • Experience a sense of joy, wonder, inspiration, serendipitous collisions
      • Natural beauty at one’s fingertips
      • Accessibility and sustainability-first design
    • Visitors/Consumers
      • Conscious spending + direct impact
      • Learn about sustainable new products and impactful companies one might not otherwise hear about
    • All Tenants/Partners/Co-Conspirators (impact founders, anchor Certified B-Corp pop-ups/retail labs, technologists, impact investors, CSR and sustainability professionals, small business owners, artists, musicians, writers, community organizers, non-profit leaders and board members)
      • Connect more deeply with socially conscious customers whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer
      • Opportunities to test the market with new products
      • Minimize footprint through circular design, salvaged materials and potential offsets
      • Sliding scale rent
      • Flexible lease terms
      • Access to:
      • new methods and materials
      • a curated network of other impact-focused professionals
      • Amplify positive impact by being surrounded by like-hearted organizations
      • Brand recognition by being associated with this community
    • Impact Investors (all of the above plus):
      • Early previews of who’s making big impact
      • Access to deal flow
    • LHL Employees (all of the above plus):
      • Ownership in the company
      • Meaningful and well-paying work
      • Complete benefits
      • Transparency
      • Opportunities for training and advancement

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