Like Hearts Lab will be built out in phases.

Phase 1 (in progress): lease existing commercial space in Buena Vista, Colorado that can be used in flexible ways. Surplus space can be rented to impact founders, e/retailers, local non-profits, artists, podcasters, technologists, and other social enterprises on a short-term basis. If Town will allow, can consider parking a tiny house on the premises that can serve as a “stay and sell” lodging space, enabling micro-retail businesses from out of the area to test new concepts and merchandise in a low-risk environment while staying in proximity.


Create a partnership and pipeline to help individuals formerly involved in the justice system to re-enter society through a fellowship/employment rotation program and/or partner with a Colorado-based non-profit that creates entrepreneurship opportunities for those individuals to run a micro-retail space.

Create a partnership with a local non-profit that creates meaningful work opportunities for neurodiverse individuals that can allow them to test social enterprise concepts.

Goal: deliver value to the Buena Vista community, collect data around needs of impact founders in order to shape the future experience, gather data on which/how many of the millions of annual visitors to Chaffee County identify as socially-conscious, test a sustainable short-term rental model that could serve as a case study/new category for Airbnb


Phase 2: create a campus near town as part of other development efforts centered on attainable housing

Goal: create a “catalytic community

Phase 3: relocate to accommodate growth on significant acreage

Goal: maximize potential impact of community

Ongoing: a small, curated 1/2 day gathering of impact founders, non-profit leaders, board members,  small business owners, artists, writers, technologists, entrepreneurs, musicians, community organizers, activists, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability executives who prioritize positive social impact as a core value

Goal: continue to refine the story of the value proposition of an impact-focused community

Ongoing: design and host a two-week mini-sabbatical/retreat experience for the people above

Goal: test whether my target market is willing to invest in this kind of experience, create tangible results for a curated group that can advance the story of catalyzing and amplifying impact, all while minimizing total investment using existing local tourism infrastructure and services.

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First of all, you're AWESOME for being here! How might we work together to create a positive ripple effect out in the world?

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